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Winegard TRAV’LER SK-1000

  • High definition (HD) Bell system
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable
  • Folds down for travel (automated)
  • Better signal strength than most home systems
  • Compatible with ALL Bell TV receivers including PVR dual-tuners

Winegard TRAV’LER SK-7003

  • High definition (HD) Shaw Direct System
  • Easy to operate and durable
  • Folds down for travel (automated)
  • Includes GPS upgrade for faster tracking
  • Compatible with Shaw Direct receivers

KVH R4SL (Reconditioned used units only)

  • Dome encased auto-track system (12” tall)
  • Fast 'lock-on' time
  • Easy to use (1 button) and durable
  • Compatible with standard definition Bell TV receivers


Tripod Package

  • Tripod
  • 18” Bell TV Dish (also works with Directv and Dish Network)
  • Dual LNB
  • 50’ of high-quality Coax cable
  • Analog Satellite Finder


  • 18” Bell TV Dish w/2x dual LNB
  • 24” Bell TV Dish w/dual LNB
  • SW-21 HD Switch
  • SW-44 HD Switch
  • Dual LNB (D-channel or Square)
  • 3x4 Multi-dish Switch
  • 3x8 Multi-dish Switch

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